ETI's NOAH IV is our newest all-weather precision precipitation gauge that weighs the entire contents of the internal collection container. Any precip that might adhere to the container walls is weighed and accounted for.

The NOAH IV can be configured with built-in infrared optics to ensure that the first drops of precip are measured. The optics also ensure that temperature and vibration excursions do not produce false precip indications.

The 8-inch diameter orifice has only a 4-inch vertical inlet, further reducing the surface area for precipitation to collect on.

  • Resolution 0.001 inch

  • Threshold 0.01 inch

  • Accuracy +/- 0.01 inch

  • Temperature Range -30 C to +50 C

  • Power Requirement +12 VDC (1 ma) without optics onset

  • Orifice (diameter) 8 inches

  • Capacity: 12 inches

  • Overall Height 30 inches

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