The NOAH II All-Weather Precipitation Gauge

Each of the 12-inch, 20-inch, 30-inch, 180-inch capacity models has 12-inch diameter collection chambers. The base enclosure provides housing for a battery and the load cell.


Periodic servicing involves manually draining the collection chamber and adding proper amounts of antifreeze and evaporation-suppressant oil.


Catch capacities are dependent on low temperature extremes and required antifreeze to maintain a liquid solution.

Advanced Features of the NOAH II:
  • Uses proven load cell technology

  • Advanced digital software filtering reduces errors due to wind, vibration and other noises sources

  • Environmentally friendly ethanol-glycerin antifreeze converts frozen precipitation to liquid

  • Low power requirement allows standalone operation from optional solar power system

  • Accurate measurement for high precipitation rates

  • Delivered fully calibrated from the factory

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