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Truck-mounted Scour Monitors

The National Cooperative Highway Research Program of the Transportation Research Board awarded Ayres Associates, Inc. a research project to develop portable scour monitoring equipment for measuring streambed elevations at bridge foundations during flood conditions. Ayres then purchased a 2-1/2 ton truck and winch system to carry the positioning equipment and scour monitoring instrumentation.

As subcontractor to Ayres Associates, ETI Instrument Systems designed and developed the positioning and sensing instrumentation for the project. Ayres Associates then worked with the Departments of Transportation of several states in deploying and using the system.

This system is described in NCHRP Report 515 (2004).

A description of this system can be seen by clicking on:

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Another Option

Recognizing the need for a smaller version of the system, ETI developed a system that can be deployed as needed on customers' 1/2-ton and 3/4-ton pickups. This system can quickly be set up on an available pickup, driven to the bridge in question, measurements taken, and then driven back to the DOT office where the instrumentation and positioning equipment is removed and the pickup returned to regular service.

A description of this system can be seen by clicking:

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